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GREAT GONZOS! Lets get TED on the Michigan Quarter!

The U.S. Mint 50 state quarter page go there and tell them you want TED!
Official Site for TED!

I was at work one day and I was about to but a pop from the vending machine when I noticed I had one of the new state quarters in my hand (especially when they hardly work in vending machines). I started wondering. What does Michigan have that is worthy of putting on the back of a quarter? We have very few symbols that say "Michigan" that would look right on the back of a quarter. And what have we given the rest of the country? The auto industry would be too large to fit on the back of a small quarter. Outlet malls only attract the elderly (by the bus-load I might add). And the ubiquitous foam and mesh cap that says "(insert farm implement company) Tractors" could represent any state in the midwest. Road construction is a negative for the state, and the last thing we need is to bring more shame to MDOT! Its also too tough to give a quarter a mullet (long in back short on top) haircut(of course if George Washington untied his ponytail....hmmm). What we need is an ICON, a celebrity. As I was mulling these thoughts around in my brain I realized that TED NUGENT was playing, and the 15 watt above my head turned on. What other celebrity from Michigan could draw as much support as Ted? Not Grand Funk Railroad! Not Lee Iacocca! Maybe Steve Yzerman. So I present to you the unofficial site to get Ted on the Michigan quarter! So Enjoy...and write the U.S. Mint and tell them "I want Tedly on the Michigan quarter in 2004!!!!!!

Write here and tell 'em you want TED!

U.S. Mint
Customer Care Center
Lanham, Maryland 20706-4331

Or call 'em!

(202) 283-2646, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday - Friday.

Before you leave sign the Tedliest guestbook on the net!


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Disclaimer: As you might have guessed this site is in no way associated with Ted Nugent or the U.S.Mint so don't get your panties in a bundle o.k.? Its been put up by a fan who would like to see Ted on the back of every 2 bits in his pocket! In other words this site is unofficial.