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1989 Cavalier Z24 Convertible

This is it!!! The car that replaced the Riviera. It had some pretty big shoes to fill, being an "economy" car and such. It doesn't drive as nice, as smooth, or be loaded with luxury. What it does have is what it is missing-the roof! And I love driving it in summer! Plus it is a creampuff, with only 75,000 on the odometer when I got it, and I can still drive the Riv. My Dad kept it to replace the ailing LeSabre as a car to save wear and tear on his truck. So if you hear the bass is kicking and the top is down, give me a honk!


* 2.8 Litre 60 degree V-6
* Power top, windows, and locks
* Fog Lamps installed by yours truly
* Pioneer 35 x 4 cassette reciever with changer controls
* Two big, fat, but inexpensive, tens in trunk
* Luggage rack
* Z-24 "performance" trim
* cloth interior
* Cruise Control
* Hydra-matic 3 speed transmission