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Hate Me. These People do.

AndreaShe's Canadian. I mean Canadien. Check out her site, she does incredible photography. I just hope she puts more up.

Matt Sandler I actually had to live by this yahoo for 3 years. I can still remember the abuse in the cafeteria.

Odd Pearl We used to talk quite a bit before she left for school.

NoelleShe's a crazy girl from California

Jen SparksA girl from southeastern Michigan. Not as cool as mid-Michigan, but they try. Real nice site.

TimWhat can I say, been one of my bestest buddies since we were wee ones in kindergarten. I hope he enjoyed that milk.

TravisSelf proclaimed king of Celebrations, go here to check out his "Elite Ladies." Its an exclusive club comprised of anyone with a vagina and a pulse. Just playing Trav. I know the pulse is optional.

LeonLeon is a very cool guy. Too bad he never updates his site.

ChristianHe flushed a bar of soap down his toilet once and plugged it up. I can say that because his site is never updated.

ShannonShe's a gal I went to high school with. Not rock-and-roll high school, unfortunately. Another non-updater.

JeremyA website he works on dedicated to hip-hop. Also went to Atherton, with me.